Mark Sayers

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Reappearing Church

— The Hope for Renewal in the Rise of Our Post-Christian Culture

available August 6th



What if the rise of secularism is good news for the church?

For decades, we set our hopes on technology, politics, and the appearance of peace. We wanted to believe we were headed somewhere better—that progress was happening. But now as our technology ensnares and isolates us, our politics threaten to tear us apart, and our cultural decline continues to accelerate, people are understandably distressed. But throughout history these periods of decline traditionally precede powerful spiritual renewal—and even revival. What if all the bad news in this world is actually good news for the church? Discover why there’s reason to be wildly hopeful and how to prepare yourself and your church to be a part of renewal now and in the future.

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Page after page, I felt my heart come alive with hope for the future of the church, and with it, the world. You have to read this one with your soul.
— John Mark Comer

If you’re trying to make sense of our current cultural landscape and the shape of the gospel within it, here is a message that will electrify you with fresh hope.
— Pete Greig

Mark’s new book seized me and shook me as I was slipping into a ministry malaise—deep and disappointed—and said “wake up old preacher, God is not dead, Jesus has not left His church or His world, His Spirit is with us, prepare for revival."
— Simon Ponsonby